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Where we learn how medication and nutrients work in your body.

Get personalized medication and nutrition management based on your genetics.

About US

We are a company providing quality genetic health testing and in depth consultation that is both affordable and with high standards on patient recommendations. We strive to help patients through comprehensive medication reviews and genetic testing to improve results in their health and everyday life.

Mission Statement

Our mission here at Advance DNA Consulting is to provide affordable DNA testing and high quality results and recommendations that will best improve patients health outcomes. We want to educate patients on how to better care for themselves knowing that through genetic testing, precision medicine is accessible for health and to their community.

What is Genetic Health Testing?


There is PGX (Pharmacogenomics) which is the study of genetic influences on your drug therapy. We can test your status for the “pharmacogenes” (Drug influencing genes) and this can help us make recommendations about your drug therapy.


Then there is NGX (Nutrigenomics) which is the study the nutrients in our body such as the essential vitamin (A,B’s,C,D) and Foods such as Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins looking at how they absorb and metabolize in our body. Sometimes our body doesn’t absorb them well and can cause issues like: Cardiovascular disease, Depression, Anxiety, Weight Gain, GI problems, and more.

How it works

Step 1: Free counseling, talking about your needs and finding the right DNA test, if needed.

Step 2: The Lab will send you a simple cotton swab test that is easy to do and then you will send it back in the mail with a return label already provided.

Step 3: We get the test and process the results

Step 4: We have a consultation and go over your recommendations that best suits you.

**Most insurance and Health Savings cards are accepted for medication labs.**

Benefits of PGX testing

A medication compatibility report


As a Pharmacist I am able to analyze and review current or prospective medications and give recommendations for patient concerns and issues especially with DNA testing. I am also uniquely able to assess, review, and give recommendation on genetic testing for nutrition specifically for vitamins absorption and weight loss

What makes me special

I am a Pharmacist Genetic Consultant that specializes in genetic based tests.I’m dedicated to improving your medication or nutrition based on the outcomes. Through my unique training in interpreting genetic testing and comprehensive medication management I have a perspective that is not common on Traditional medicine.

My business is run through telehealth, which allows me to help people all across the nation. After setting up a free consultation, you’ll be sent a zoom link in which we’ll meet. If this doesn’t suit you, we can talk over the phone or meet in person. I’m willing to accommodate and make it easier for each and every client.


Hi, my name is Richard Strachan and I currently live in Idaho with my beautiful wife and three little daughters. I’m  originally from Florida and decided to move to Idaho to attend Idaho State University. It is there I pursued my doctorate degree as a pharmacist(Go Bengals!). I love Idaho so much! I decided that I wanted to be more involved with  patients  and assisting healthcare providers. This is my main reason for why I started my own business. I want to make an impact in the healthcare system.  I took extra specialized training for PGX and Nutrition genetic testing. I’m certified through the ACPE accreditation program as a pharmacist genetic consultant. I am so excited to help others and the healthcare practitioners that work so hard. I know this science and a new edge to health can profoundly impact your health and lifestyle forever.

dr Strachan

Pricing for consultation/testing

Prices may vary according to Health Insurance