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The literature supporting the implementation of PGx into clinical practice is growing substantially. The FDA has recommendations for the implementation of genetic testing for 100’s medications. Through funding of the NIH, providers have produced quality guidelines that are peer-reviewed, regularly updated, and freely available to guide drug therapy with certain gene-drug pairs in the presence of certain genetic variants called Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC). These gene-drug pairs and genetic variants are well-studied, clinically significant and actionable in everyday practice for medical professionals.

Dr. Richard Strachan is trained to analyze and interpret the data in 20+ pages of genetic reports that result from PGx testing, as well as the related gene-drug pair guidelines and complexities of drug-gene, drug-drug, and drug-drug-gene interactions. These interactions can be very complex, and sometimes adding a second drug that interacts with a certain gene will cause something called phenoconversion to occur. With these interactions medications can be either very poor metabolizers or Ultra-fast metabolizers which affect patients’ outcomes in adverse effects and overall success of therapy.

Literature Supporting PGx

A few links and references are posted here for your convenience and review.

Case Studies

2021 meta analysis showing PGx reduces hospitalizations (pdf)

2021 article about integrating PGx into CMM models (pdf)

2020 article highlighting the benefits of PGx implementation at University of Colorado (pdf)

2020 PGx in cardiovascular disease article (pdf)

2020 PGx in depression article (pdf)

PGx improves health system performance (pdf)

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